Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank you all....

....for being so involved in Library Week!  It was lots of fun to plan, and great to see everyone enjoying the events.  Here are some photos from the week.....

Mr Frater reading 'Room on the Broom'

Kate De Goldi visiting

 Book Character Day

Library Olympics - congratulations to the Top Three: Kiwi, Ruru, and Tuatara.  Well done!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Library Week - Day 5

Oh no!  It's the last day of Library Week!   I hope you all enjoyed Dress-Up Day, and that you are looking forward to Library Olympics today.
This last post is called 'The Joy of Books', and it is very clever.
Thank you everybody for making Library Week 2012 great fun.  The enthusiasm you all have for the library makes it a wonderful place to be!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Library Week - Day 4

Did you all enjoy hearing Kate De Goldi yesterday?  She loved the school, and talked about how polite and well-behaved you all were!  
The next Library Week post is about Robert Sabuda.  He creates the most amazing pop-up books.  He has made some classic stories into pop-ups, and they are incredible!  Here is a look at what he has done with Alice in Wonderland. Which teachers' costumes look most like their characters in the book?

Library Week - Day 3

Has anybody ever heard their parents (or grandparents) talk about 'The Two Ronnies'?  They were comedians who had a very popular programme quite a few years ago.... but this clip proves that good comedy is timeless.  I think our student librarians would quite like to use this filing system sometimes!

Library Week - Day 2

In today's Library Week post, I thought it would be good to get educational.  This is a nice little video on how books are produced, specifically hardback books.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to Library Week 2012!


This week is all about you and your Library!  Enjoy the special events and activities we have lined up for you, and don't forget to tell Mrs Nicol which ones you like best - and why.  Don't forget to check the blog every day for special Library Week blogposts!

To start off the week, let's share one of my favourite book characters of all time...Mo Willems' Pigeon.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Derek Landy visits Upper Hutt

This week, Derek Landy, author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, was hosted by HIBS and St Brendans schools, to give an author talk to fans of his books.  The four students who had issued the most Skulduggery books went along, and had a great time listening to Derek.  He was very funny, and he enjoyed interacting with the crowd!  The most exciting news was that there may well be an announcement about a movie deal, very very soon!  Here is a photo of Leroy, Ben, Riley, and Josef with Derek.

We now have the latest in this series (for Year 6 only) in the library, and if you click on the cover, there is a link to the website.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Books this week...

This week, we have books for everyone on the New Books stand!
For puzzle enthusiasts, we have 'Where's Asterix?'
Where's Asterix?
... the characters we know and love, to search and find.

For Picture Book readers, look for 'Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear'
Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear
 - another great NZ picture book.

Readers who loved 'Hatchet' will enjoy 'Edge of Nowhere'
 a tale of survival in Alaskan waters.

...and for series-readers, we have these great titles...
Pandora Gets LazyThe Pocket Money BluesDelphie and the Glass Slippers

Come and find something new to enjoy this week!

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