Friday, July 27, 2012

The Case of the Deadly Desperados

Caroline Lawrence, author of the Roman Mysteries series, has written the first book in a new series set in the American West.  'Pinky' Pinkerton witnesses a terrible event.  Now he needs to escape.... but can he avoid the men on the Wanted Posters who are out to get him?
The two videos below are the book trailer, followed by a short clip of the author telling us what she liked most about writing this book, suitable for Year 5 and 6 readers who love mysterious occurrences!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you, Margaret Mahy

It was sad to hear overnight that Margaret Mahy has died.  She is one of the most accomplished, and most loved, authors New Zealand has ever had. We have many of her books....including this one: 'The Three Legged Cat'.
Some of her other books in our library, include Kaitangata Twitch, A Very Wicked Headmistress, The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak, The Lion in the Meadow, The Moon and Farmer McPhee...books for all ages. 
Thank you, Margaret Mahy, for giving us so many wonderful stories!!

Here is a fantastic 6-minute documentary and interview made by NZ On Screen, great for seniors especially.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New this week...


On the New Book stand this week, we have number 10 in one of our most popular series...'The Floods' by Colin Thompson. Find out what happened next to your favourite, not-even-close-to-normal, family next door!

If you click on the book cover, you will go to 'The Floods' official website, with games, activities, and author information.
(Don't forget to check out the info on the Dragons series there, which are also new to the library!!)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Writing great blog comments


Comments and opinions on blogposts are one of the best ways to show which posts you have liked, and why.  
Here are some ways that you can make sure your comments are really effective, and add something to our library blog!
1.  Think about what you are going to write before you send it.  What do you really want to say about the post you are commenting on?
2.  Try to give reasons for your opinions.   (I really liked the story because....)
3.  Does your comment make sense?  Have you checked the spelling?
4.   Have you added your name (first name only) so we know who wrote the comment?

If you think about what you write, before you send it - you can be a blog comment star, and help make our blog the best it can be!  


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